Alright, two more things about the The Grizzly G0555X 14" Extreme Series Bandsaw then we'll move on

The last two photos that I'll share here show the ball bearing upper guides and the quick tension release.

The upper guide is just about as straight forward as a ball bearing guide can be. In order to move the bearings forward for guiding wider blades, or back for thinner, you simply loosen the thumb screw and turn the rear knurled knob. The back-up bearing is adjusted in the same manner. To accommodate variation in blade thickness you loosen the cap screw which you see at front right (and the one you don't see on the left) and with the same hex wrench you turn the cap screw that's centered on the bearing and rotate the bearings into or away from the blade. Follow by tightening the cap screws.

The quick tension release that's shown in the bottom photo is standard, and does the job that until recently added about $100 to the price of a bandsaw. What's it good for? Well, when you head for the bunk house it's always best to remove the tension from your bandsaw. This not only takes tension of the saw and the blade, but more importantly the rubber tires won't become compressed on one sied of the wheel, creating odd tension and rumbling when you start it back-up.

Once the saw tension is adjusted by turning the tension knob on to of the saw, you flip the lever up to release the tension. Very well done, Grizzly.

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