Grizzly G0555X 14" Extreme Series Bandsaw part 3

As I mentioned in a prior post the table on the G0555X 14" Extreme Series Bandsaw is a sight to behold. What isn't clear from most of the photos of this saw is that the table is actually two parts. This wasn't obvious when I was playing with this saw at IFW, as Grizzly had the fence positioned over the seam between the fixed table to the left of the main table. In the bottom photo from the assembly instructions you can see the fixed table being leveled. This fixed extension makes a lot of sense if you don't add the riser block, because there would be no way to tilt the table to 45 degrees if it were all one piece.

Talking about resawing reminds me of one of the nicest features on this saw: the fence system. I've never been a big fan of fences on bandsaws because they rarely accommodate the inevitable drift that comes with a bandsaw. Drift is natural and is nothing to fear, but you need a fence that allows for quick adjustments. This fence is neat in that it can be used with or without the aluminum extension, and the extension can be used either vertical or horizontal.

The color photo shows the fence in the vertical position, but the horizontal position is very useful when cutting thin stock. For narrow cuts without the aluminum extrusion, the cast iron portion of the fence requires the upper guide to be positioned 1 1/2" or so above the stock. With the aluminum fence in place in the horizontal position the guides can be positioned almost touching the stock. I'm not doing a very good job explaining this, but it works.

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